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Emmalee Arnold   emmaleea1@icloud.com
07-08-2023 12:51:26 PM CST
Hi! I’m very interested in your puppies. We had someone come into my work and show me one of your puppies and i fell in love!! please message me if you have any available!

Linda Arendt   Larendt@me.com
12-27-2021 3:22:43 PM CST

I recently lost my 17 yr old girl. She was my second Doxie. I would love to find a long haired female. A retired momma would be great.

Betty Duncan   bettyann452003@yahoo.com
10-15-2021 3:26:02 PM CST

My sweet boy Homer who we lost in September. He was with us almost 14 years. I want another one like him. He was about 14.5 lbs.

Phoebe Pippin   phoeppp@aol.com
08-03-2021 8:45:26 AM CST
I'm looking to get on your waiting list. I'm interested in a male chocolate dapple possiblily. I'm just excited to having found your site. I currently reside in FL, I'm willing to drive to get a loveable furbaby!

Maddie   maddiecarolinemorgan@gmail.com
05-27-2021 12:43:57 PM CST
I am looking for a long haired male. No preference in color. Are you expecting a litter soon?

Angela Haliburton   angelahaliburton@hotmail.com
03-27-2021 5:06:34 PM CST
I am looking for a short hair male. I lost my 7 year old sweet boy a year ago and I am ready for a new best friend.

Sheena Seaux   Sbseaux@gmail.com
03-14-2021 10:23:36 PM CST
I would love more info on your upcoming litters!! I am looking for a long haired pup!

William    Wobrien@ivadvisorsllc.com
03-10-2021 12:02:57 AM CST
Looking for female dapple

Shane    Shanepbrooks@gmail.com
02-20-2021 11:30:10 AM CST
I am looking to be added to the waiting list for a female short hair. Any upcoming litters?

Cornelia L Short   9doxies@gmail.com
02-13-2021 4:23:04 PM CST
Hi! I’m looking for a female mini Dachshund and would like to be put on your waiting list. Are you expecting any litters? Thanks

Jeff Thompson    Jefftraymond@aol.com
02-03-2021 7:29:42 PM CST

I lost my best friend of 8 years in a tragic accident on July 4th, 2020. His name was Toby, and he was a short hair chocolate min doxie. I want to try to fill the void he left in my life, and want to find one that looks like him (see arttached) I would like to be added to your waiting list unless you have one available now.

Jeremy   Breschdogg@yahoo.com
12-09-2020 7:57:28 AM CST
How do I get put on the waiting list for a female dapple puppy. I have a male miniature already and in need for a female

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
10-19-2020 5:34:28 PM CST
Hi Shelia, Yes ma'am We have some upcoming litters due in December. Puppies would be ready in February. Please let me know if you would be interested in being on our waiting list for one of our upcoming litters.

Sheila   Sheilasmith101@ymail.com
09-27-2020 7:58:31 AM CST
Looking for a puppy, checking to see if you have any . Thank you

Sheila   Sheilasmith101@ymail.com
09-27-2020 7:58:22 AM CST
Looking for a puppy, checking to see if you have any . Thank you

Kevin & Jeanie Credell   jcredell8@gmail.com
11-24-2019 8:37:34 PM CST
I am looking for a red-brown doxie, 5-5 weeks old for my wife, Our doxie of 14 years died 2-28-19 and my wife has been grieving every since. We got here around 6 wks old and she grew up with our children and grands. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest if you have any available and/or upcoming Thank you so kindly, Happy Holidays--Kevin

Kevin Credell   jcredell8@gmail.com
11-24-2019 8:28:41 PM CST
We are looking for a red-brown female doxie (around 5-6 weeks old). Our doxie of 14 years passed 2-28-19 and my wife has been at a loss every since! We received her around 6 wks old, so she was our "Baby Girl" for a long time. I told my wife I would get her another doxie by Christmas. Thanks for helping me out responding.

Vicki Minninger   vpminninger1@att.net
02-23-2019 3:41:40 PM CST
Please contact us regarding the purchase of a miniature black and tan female dachshund. Mike and Vicki Minninger 601-879-3993. Excited to talk with you.

Penny ioannidis   Pennyioan11@gmail.com
09-26-2017 6:54:21 PM CST
Looking for a female puppy in maybe late spring color doesn't matter. Susan Blum is my sister. She can tell you how much I love doxies. Please add to list. Thanks penny

Penny ioannidis   Pennyioan11@gmail.com
09-26-2017 6:53:57 PM CST
Looking for a female puppy in maybe late spring color doesn't matter. Susan Blum is my sister. She can tell you how much I love doxies. Please add to list. Thanks penny

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
04-13-2016 6:45:47 PM CST

Hi Sherri, How is Sophie doing? She looks like she's having fun with her toy.:) We will have some litters coming up soon.:) Please let me know if you would like to be on my waiting list for a future litter. Thank you for the update on Sophie.:)

03-28-2016 11:16:39 AM CST

Sofie needs a mate!

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
02-26-2015 3:16:10 PM CST
Great picture of Hunter.:) He looks great, Beth.:) Thanks for the updated pic.:)

02-22-2015 6:04:18 PM CST

Hunter is doing great, he is such a joy.

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
11-24-2014 7:09:19 AM CST
Today we're going to start our first Photo Contest! :) I love showing off our beautiful puppies here at Rocky's Doxies.:) So each month we are going to have a photo contest.:) . The winner will be on the Photo Cover on Rocky's Doxies and featured on my website. If you would like to participate here's what I need you to do: 1. I want your best Christmas photo with your Dachshund. :) There can be other animals or people in the photo. 2. Name of Dachshund, Litter they are from, Tell me something about your Dachshund: What they like doing? 3. P.M your photo to me Nov 24 - 29th. 4. On November 30th I will have all the participants' photos on here to vote on. Please vote only one time for your favorite photo. 5. Please P.M any questions you may have to me. Best of luck to everyone!

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