Miniature Dachshunds

I've always thought Dachshunds to be such an amazing

breed. They are in the Top Ten of small breed dogs.They

are the most loving ,intelligent,and low maintenance.



Here's my story about Lucy. Lucy had many problems as

a puppy and couldn't be bred. We had her spayed but just

couldn't part with her. She is part of our family.

On Monday Sept. 12, 2011 I decided to do some gardening.

Well I had been wanting the birdbath moved down to the

Rose Garden. The base part I rolled down easy enough.

However the top was way too heavy to carry!! I tripped while

carring it. It pinned my (already injured knee from car accident).

I screamed for husband and cried till I passed out! I awoke with

headlights from the road but cars couldn't see me it was getting

dark. I tried pushing it off and grabbing a nearby bush and tried pulling

my body out.It was no use!! Oh I also landed in an ant bed. I screamed

one last time. My husband came out. He didn't hear me he said Lucy

started barking like she had to go out,but she had already been. She

continued until he got up to take her out. But when he went to the back

door she went to the front and continued barking and howling. He came

out of course and took care of me. And he said it was Lucy that heard

me and saved me!! She is Amazing to me!!


                                     My Lucy!