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Dam: Macey (Chocolate Piebald Extreme) 11#

Sire: Circles ( Isabella & Tan) 8#

Possible colors are: Chocolate & Tan, Isabella & Tan, Blue & Tan and Black & Tan. Possible Pattern is Piebald. In any of these colors. In short hair and long hair coats.

Due Date: November 20, 2019






Dam: Sally ( Red Dapple) 8#

Sire: Rosco (Chocolate & Cream) 10#

Due Date: December 1st

Possible colors are: Red, Black & Tan and Chocolate & Tan. Possible pattern is Dapple. In any of these colors. In long hair coats.




 Dam: Caramel (Chocolate & Tan) 11#

 Sire : Rosco ( Cream) 12#

 Due Date: December 1st

 Possible colors are Chocolate & Tan and Chocolate & Tan    Dapple. In short hair coats.





Dam: Cameo ( Blue & Tan Dapple) 10#

Sire: Cruise ( Chocolate & Tan) 12#

Due Date:  December 4, 2019


Possible colors are: Chocolate & Tan, Black & Tan, Isabella & Tan and Blue & Tan. Possible pattern is dapple. In any of these colors. In short hair coats.



First I want to Thank You for considering us the place to purchase your newest family member! If you are interested in a puppy from one of the litters mentioned above. Please contact me to be put on our waiting list @ 228-209-4002. 


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