It is with a broken heart that I laid our first Dachshund to rest today 5-9-18 @ 5:00 pm. Rocky was our first Dachshund Baby. He was the beginning of our breeding buisnes Rocky's Doxies. He will live in our hearts as a playful puppy until we join him. He was a loyal, playful and loving. He lived a good life and has many puppies. He will be forever missed at Rocky's Doxies.
Rocky Franklin 12-26-06 - 5-9-18







On Friday my husband went in for hernia surgical repair. And was released to come home Saturday. Late Sunday morning he was complaining of gas pains, and just wasn't himself. I called 911. They had worked on him for over an hour here at the house. I never will forget the EMT coming out to tell me that he was sorry ...that they did everything they could. December 20th at 3:49 p.m I lost the most wonderful man in the world. He was my whole world, my best friend, my husband. We have been through so much together. I miss you so much my husband, my love. You will always be forever in my heart! I don't know what I'm going to do without you! I love you Michael Franklin! 





In Loving Memory of

Caroline & Lucy

May 12,2010 - January 10,2012

March 3,2005 - July 26,2012

On this day I lost one of the best

She was so loved by the rest

I know she is not gone but away

Until the day we are together again

She was not just my dog but my Friend

Joey, Caroline, Cowboy                                                   Caroline & Rocky

Caroline's First and only Litter.