This page is to help answer some of your questions while you are looking to purchase a Miniature Dachshund Puppy from Rocky' Doxies.


1. How much does the parents of the puppy weigh?

Answer: On my Mothers & Fathers pages I have the weight listed under their pictures.

All of my Adult Dogs weigh the 11# or less according AKC standard guidelines to what a Miniature Dachshund should weigh.

2.Are the parents of the puppy registered?

Answer: All of my Dogs are  AKC  Registered.

3. How much does the puppy cost?

Answer: It does depend on the color, pattern & registration. My dillute colors & creams will cost more. All the prices are listed on my About Us Page.



5. Will you meet me part of the way?


Answer: I will be happy to meet someone halfway or part way within 200 miles. With the new owner helping with the price of gas.

6. What is the difference between AKC Pet Registration and AKC Full Registration?

Answer: AKC Pet Registration is for Pet only. It's not for breeding or showing your new puppy. AKC Full Registration gives you the rights to breed or show.

7. Where are you located?

Answer:We are located in South MS near the Gulf Coast

8. How often do you have litters that will be available?

Answer:I usually have between 4-5 litters a year. It's best to look at my Up and Coming Litters page to see when litter will be available.

9.If I'm on your waiting list will you call or e-mail me when puppies are born?

Answer:Yes, I contact everyone on my list. And give them first chance at a puppy before I post them. If you find a puppy before I contact you. Please let me know.:)

 10. O.k I found the puppy I want. Do I just click on Pay Pal to leave a deposit?

Answer: Please call me first to insure that the puppy is still available. Most important I need to know that my babies are going to a good & loving home.

11. I don't have a Pay Pal account but want to leave a deposit or make a payment. How would I pay?

Answer: I can accept a U.S Postal Money Order through the mail or a Wal-Mart Money Gram.


12. Why do you pad train the puppies instead of other methods like crate training?

Answer: I beging pad training around three weeks . This is when the Mom stops cleaning up after them. Pad training is the first step to successful house training. Because I'm teaching them where I want them to potty.They will have more success when the new owner starts house training. True crate training is expecting the puppy to hold their bladder for a long time. A puppy doesn't have this kind of bladder control until around 6 months.