Our Happy Customers and Puppies!!

I would like to thank all my Puppy Owners for providing my babies happy homes. Now that you have your newest family member keep us posted with updates and pics as your Puppy grows into a happy & healthy Miniature Dachshund.

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Just wanted to say thank you again for my new baby Rhett! He's one of the true loves of my life 😀. He's growing so much and is spoiled rotten already and we've only had him a week

Rhett is from Sonnet & Cameron's 2013 litter. He went to live with Doll & her family in Brandon,MS.




Oh it didn't take very long for Amy to discover that he was a little boy.  She loves him.  :)


J.D is from Aly & Cameron's 2013 litter. He went to live with Thomas & his family in Jackson MS.


Mater, how we love our little puppy, we could not picked out another dog that is so sweet and even tempered. Thanks Lynell Franklin


Mater is from Sonnet & Cowboy's 2013 litter. He went to live with Lisa and her family in Biloxi.


 We just love her. Shes spoiled rotten but we would not have it anyother way"

Raleigh is from Rocky's last litter. She went to live with Stacey & her family.



Hi, I just thought I would drop by to give you a few pics and update on Sassy!
She is doing GREAT!!! I couldn’t be more happier which my choice in getting her from you. Sassy is absolutely perfect


Sassy is from Amber & Cameron's 2013 Litter.

She went to live with Ashton & her family ib Ocean Springs.



On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 8:23 PM, Susan Plomb wrote: Mollie Mae is doing well, enjoying her new home. Potty training going really well. Just loves going for rides and meeting new friends- 2 & 4 legged, she is a real flirt. Enjoys squeak toys and paper towel rolls. Loves burrowing in her bed and pulling blankets over her head- typical Dauschund! She is becoming more confident and playful everyday. Loves watching the squirrels on the back patio feeders, you can just see her trying to figure how to catch one! Thanks again! Susan and Marshall

Mollie Mae is from Aly & Cameron's 2013 litter. She went to live with Susan & Marshall in Biloxi,MS


she's doing great she is up to 3lbs 4ozs and house training going pretty good. she sleeps just about all night. and she is growing will sent pics later. Donna

Lucy is from Aly & Cameron's 2013 litter. She went to live with Donna & her family in Mobile, AL.


Hi Lynell- I left you a message last night...sorry it was so late. By the time they brought the animals from the plane to cargo it was 10:45! Anyway, I got him just fine and he is just precious! He is already adjusting so well. :) I also found the paperwork on his crate....thank you!! If there is anything else I need to know please let me know. Thank you again! We are so in love with this little guy. My 2yr old is having so much fun with him:) Melani Goike

Jax is from Aly & Cameron's 2013 litter. He went to live with Melani & her family in Arizona.


Bella is right at home here in Arkansas. Took her to the vet on Thursday for more puppy shots and check-up. She is very loveable and learning quickly, only a couple of messes in the house, and those were more our fault than hers. She is eating well and fitting in with the other dogs just fine


Bella is from Sonnet & Cowboy's 2013 Litter. She went to live with Phyllis & her family in Arkansas.


 Hi! Chewy is doing awesome! He is Using the potty outside like a good boy and he sleeps all night long without whining and he is so lovable. We are already madly in love!Jeannie

Chewy is from Sonnet & Cowboy's 2013 litter. He went to live with Jeannie & her family in Columbus, MS.


hello Scarlett is doing very well. She gets along well with our maltipoo but our oldest is still being stand offish. she has the best personality and is a very good puppy. I will send pictures when I figure out how to upload them. Lol . Thanks again for a beautiful baby! We love her so much!

Scarlet O'Hara is from Sonnet & Cowboy's 2013 litter. She went to live with David & Karen Lane I Spanish Fort, AL


We are crate training him with out the pads and my husband lets him out at 1:30 am and he comes home at lunch and lets him out. He has only had a few accidents. Mater and the cat love playing together he gets real tired when they play. He has stolen our hearts. Thanks Gay

Mator is from Sonnet & Cowboy's 2013 litter. He went to live with Gay & her family in Biloxi, MS


Thought I would send a picture and update. She is doing okay, not great on her potty training. She is happy and healthy. We start puppy school in one week. We love her to death. Terry


Updated picture on Sophie. June 2013, about 6 months old.




Hi Lynell, Khloe is doing wonderful! She is so playful. Took her to the vet to get her shots and he said she looks good. She weighs 3 lbs 5 ounces. She's slowly but surely adjusting to her cage. For some reason it won't let me attached pics on my phone so I'm gonna send them separately. Whitney


Khloe is from Amber & Cowboy's 2013 litter.



Lynell: Wanted to send some updated pictures. Sophie is doing great. She is getting better all the time at going on he potty pad. She has been such a joy to us. espically for my wife during the difficult days for her. Sophie is up to five pounds now. We are trying to get her to learn to use the leash. Enjoy the pictures. Terry and Mary Blair


Sophie is from Cher & Cowboy's 2013 litter. She went to live with Terry & family.



 Cory Brower May 5 to me I hope all is well with you and your family! I have been gone again for quite some time and am about to deploy again. My wife has been taking care of Randi and has fallen in love with her. I have attached a few pics for you guys. She is still tiny. Probably only weighs around 7lbs. I have family members who are interested if you have a litter any time soon. Thanks again for everything.

Randi is from Cocoa's 2012 litter. She went to live with Cory in Blx,MS


I jus look innocent...leave your shoes n my path n I will show u d real me:-)

Tucker's life in Hazzlehurst,MS


Tucker is from Molly & Joey's 2012 litter

Hi Lynell, Sorry it's tken me so long to send you an update on Jayjay. He's doing great!! I couuldn't ask for a better puppy. He is so playful. He took right to going outside to potty. And you have been a great help. Anything that I didn't know about raising a puppy you helped me with.You're like a puppy encyclopedia on Mini dachshund puppies!

Thanks again for all of your help, Mark

 Jayjay is from Sonnet & Cowboy's 2012 litter. He went to Mark from Morton.


Roux is so loving, sweet & spoiled rotten! He loves to sleep most of the day and wants to be rocked like a baby. He's eating Science Diet 3 times a day plus Nuvet Vitamins at night. Potty training outside is going very well. He slept in his crate / kennel until 4a.m last night/ this morning before waking to Potty outside. ... we were so super eexcited. He rides to school every morning & again every afternoon to see his two big sisters off. He is loved so much by our family. Thank you Lynell for every thing. The Rabalais Family


 01-25-2013 11:15:10 AM CST

 Dear Lynell, We made it home safe. Roux ate very well for lunch and went outside to potty! We are so thankful! He is loved so much already. I'll let you how he does at the vet this week. Thank you so much for everything! Mandy


Roux is from Molly & Joey's 2012 Litter. She went to live with Mandy & her new family in Madison,MS.

Penny is a wonderful companion. She is still very small and has a really outgoing personility.

Penny is from Molly& Joey's 2011 Litter. She went to live with Francess in Ocean Springs,MS.


 Veronica Topp 5:55 PM (4 minutes ago) to me Hi lynell:-) sorry fr d late email. Yes we got snow 2day. Tucker is doin fine i mus say. He luvs to play n eat...lol. N he hates baths!!! Other dan dat he is good. Sent from my iPhone



Tucker is from Molly & Joey's 2012 Litter. She went to live with Veronica in Hazelhurst,MS.


Hello, Just an update to let you know Liesl went to the Vet yesterday afternoon and she is fine. She weighed 2.6 lbs and got her vaccinations. We go back in 3 weeks. She is really playful and wants to chew on everything except for the chew toys I got her. Her personality is really showing and she is such a sweet and lovable puppy. All of my neighbors have been over to see her and she is very friendly to all including their dogs. Tessa is not quite sure what to make of her, she wants to play with Tessa but Tessa just goes in the other room and ignores her. I am sure they will become friends soon, Tessa just needs some time to get used to a puppy. But all in all we are doing great! I will write again soon. Marsha & Liesl -- Marsha C. Reynolds 


Hi Lynell, She is doing just great. She has really made herself at home, running, playing, full of mischief just like a puppy! Tessa is adjusting and doing much better, I am sure they will soon be great buddies. Liesl is so cute and so sweet and loves to cuddle. I could not be more delighted to have her as part of our family. Will send more pictures soon. Marsha

Liesl is from Sonnet & Cowboy's 2012 Litter. She went to live with Marsha & her family in Uma, Arizona.


..... He checked out just fine and he is doing wonderfully! We decided to name him Charlie. The whole family has fallen completly in love with him ( although, he loves me best! lol) He has adjusted just fine to the enviroment here and is really doing well with the housebreaking, although, I sure that would have been going better had we not had all this rain! Thank you again, and I will keep you updated! Kim

Charlie is from Sonnet & Cowboy's 2012 Litter. He went to live with Kimberly & her family in Hattiesburg, MS


Hi Lynell - Renee came over today & we had a good photo session. The boys are getting very active and enjoy hanging out with the group that they have been growing up with. They’ve learned to climb up the doggie steps to the sofa—we have to watch that they don’t fall off, until they learn to go back down the steps! Woodee (Fawn color) likes living on the edge—he climbs right up the are and up across the top of the back! Woodee likes to bark at me, so he’s going to be a talker! We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy and prosperous New Year from the Roxies Doxies Gang! -Roxie

 Woodee & Stonee are from Sonnet & Cowboy's 2012 Litter. They went to live with Roxanne in Indianna.

Jill 11-09-2012 8:36:32 PM CST He weighs a total of 6.4 lbs and loves pig ears and his new super squeak toy! He is the friendliest little dude to every one. And we had a name change lol. He is a Toby now :) my brother convinced me he wasn't a Chipp he was a Toby. Toby has even agreed! Lol!



shane winstead shanewinstead@yahoo.com 07-24-2012 7:45:56 PM CST Hey lynell Arley is doing great. He is so special to me and my family. Thanks for the most wonderful and sweetest. Dog there is will send pics when I figure out how to transfer them to computer


 Mallory Hotard Silas Lynell Franklin, thought you'd like to see them together, they are a mess so funny to watch, Allen renamed him so he is Stark (like Iron Man) now he is a wonderful dog, He was suppose to be David's but he follows me around like a shadow he's so wonderful, the both of them are everyone who meets them loves them. Thanks for such wonderful pups.



Just wanted to send updated pics. Rosco is doing GREAT! We went to the vet again yesterday for our second shots. He weighs 2lbs 13 ounces. First check was 2lbs 6 ounces. Jennifer


Hi Lynell, Keefer is doing very well. He weighed in at 4.7 pounds this past Friday. He has gained 1.6 pounds in the past 3 weeks. I was initially concerned about Kinsee Belle's reaction to Keefer and she was avoiding him at all cost, but now they are best friends. They play and play and play. She warmed up to him big time




      Keefer grown up.




Shes doing great! We decided to name her Lola, like Lola bunny from Space Jam, because she hops like a bunny when shes running. Shes adorable! Shes Jacob's best friend, she follows him around everywhere, it's so cute! The vet visit went very well! We took her Tuesday and she is in full health. She said we should give her a little more food than we do because she is a little on the skinny side but other than that she's perfect! I took her to Petsmart today to get her a couple more chewing toys (she never stops chewing lol) so I got to show her off =) oh and she Loves to cuddle! If she's not chasing the cat (whose afraid of her lol) or Jacob she's in my lap snuggled up. We just love having her she's so wonderful!

Thank you,




Mallory Silas
11-28-2011 9:05:40 PM CST

Rue using Turbo as head rest in their Christmas sweaters!!

 Mrs. Lynell,
              All is going well with our new babies!!  We all just love them to pieces and wanted to send you some pictures of us out playing on the farm.  It is difficult to get pictures of Sassy because she's so fast and excited!!  Rebel is so cute with his little legs trying to keep up, it is just precious!!  We all want to thank you for the new additions to our family and will continue to send you updates.  I'd love to post some on your website with my email for everyone to see but I haven't figured out how yet. hahaha
Best Regards,
The Rahaim Family
Jason, Robin, Hilton, Brooks and Tate =)

Mallory Silas alnsmom@hotmail.com 07-23-2011 11:38:29 AM CST Lynell, I just sent you a few picture of Rue, they are on my phone, they might now be great but I love her to pieces, she is so much fun and adorable, my black lab is terrified of her its the funniest thing! She is a wonderful puppy !!!



03-27-2012 11:33:12 AM CST

Chanel is now a year old!




"We are very happy with the purchase of our puppy from Rocky's Doxies. Our new puppy  is doing well. She not only sold us a great puppy but she helped me out with the house training. Thanks to Lynell. Dozer is almost house trained. I would recommend to anyone looking for a puppy to buy from Rocky's Doxies.She goes that extra step to make sure her customers are satisfied and her puppies have happy homes. Thank you again for all your help.Todd Fergusen





 Thank you !!!