Our Loving Mothers

Adrian Co-Founder of Rocky's Doxies




Myley-Jo means a lot to me. I named her after her Dad, Joey. He is named after my mom, JoAnn. He was born on the day she passed.



Caramel ( Chocolate & Tan Dapple)

Caramel is one of our sweetest Dachshunds. She remains calm while some of the others may be barking at something.

‚ÄčOne of Caramel's Litters



Cameo ( Blue & Tan Dapple)

Cameo loves to play with toys and the others. Her favorite toy is empty water bottles! LOL

‚ÄčOne of Cameo's Litters



              Shady Sadie ( Shaded English Cream) 10 #



Sadie is our first long hair to Rocky's Doxies. She is a Shaded English Cream. She is one of our most loving Dachshunds.:) She loves playing with the others.I I call her my alarm clock. She'll lick my face....if that doesn't work she pounces on my head.:)