Our Loving Mothers

Adrian Co-Founder of Rocky's Doxies



Caramel ( one of our future Moms)

Caramel & Cameo are best buddies. They both love playing with the others. Their favorite playmate is Rascal. Cameo enjoys belly rubs & sleeps on my left side .

‚ÄčOne of Caramel's Litters



Cameo ( one of our future Moms)

‚ÄčOne of Cameo's Litters



              Shady Sadie ( Shaded English Cream) 10 #



Sadie is our first long hair to Rocky's Doxies. She is a Shaded English Cream. She is one of our most loving Dachshunds.:) She loves playing withthe others.I I call her my alarm clock. She'll lick my face....if that doesn't work she pounces on my head.:)




Sonnet as a Puppy                       Light Red, 10 pounds


 Sonnet loves to play fetch and go for rides in the car. She likes to run & play with the rest of our dogs. Possible colors: English Cream, Isabella & Red. Possible patterns: Dapple & Piebald in Smooth & Longhair coats.

Sonnet's first Litter:





Amber as a Puppy.              Chocolate & Tan   8 pounds


Amber loves to follow me around the house! Where ever I go she goes.:) Her favorite spot is on the back of the couch. And she loves having her belly scratched! Possible colors are: Choc & Tan, Black & Tan, Isabella and Blue. Possible Patterns:Piebald in smooth coats