Our Loving Fathers


                     Rocky the founder of our Buisness




Milo is our Black & Tan 10#



Rosco is our Chocolate & Cream    10#






Rosco loves to follow me around the house.:) Since he was a puppy he has wanted me to carry him around on my hip. He'll jump up to grab my hand signaling that he wants to be picked up.


Cowboy ( Choc Piebald) 10 #       One of Cowboy's beautiful litters


Cowboy is one of our most loving Dachshunds. He gets along with any of the other dogs.  He loves running and playing with the others. But most of all he loves having his belly scratched.

Possible Colors are: Chocolate, Red, Blue, Isabella with tan points & without tan points Pattern is: Piebald  Coat is: Smooth