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Mallory Silas
11-28-2011 9:05:40 PM CST

Rue using Turbo as head rest in their Christmas sweaters!!

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
09-29-2011 3:37:22 PM CST
Mallory, Thank you so much for the updated pics on Rue. We have three that sleep with us one on each side of me, Lucy has to be on the left. That is "her spot" lol. Happy to know that Rue is doing well!

Mallory Silas
09-28-2011 12:36:45 PM CST
and yes, that's how she sleeps, ALL THE TIME! lol

Mallory Silas
09-28-2011 12:35:08 PM CST

Just wanted to share some photos of Rue with you, I also emailed you a few off my phone :D She is a great little puppy

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
09-27-2011 7:14:28 PM CST
Lisa, Thank you so much for your concern. I've just got alot of brises. And my rib is getting better.

09-27-2011 10:39:33 AM CST
Glad your o.k!! Great dog , you have there!

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
09-26-2011 7:32:29 PM CST
Thanks, Wade for your concern. I'm just bruised up alot. especially my left rib. Thank you for the compliment on my Babies.

09-26-2011 4:11:19 PM CST
Glad you're O.K Lynell. We need you around to breed the great mini-dachshunds that you do.

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
09-25-2011 8:25:12 PM CST
I'm o.k just very bruised up. And I bruised a rib.I guess it could've been worse. I'm lucky that Lucy heard me. And my husband was home to help me. Thank you for your concern

09-25-2011 8:21:06 PM CST
I just read your story about Lucy. I had a Mini-Dachshund and always thought her to be amazing too! I didn't know they could also be rescue dogs. It sounds like you went through quite abit. But you didn't say if you were alright. Hope you are!

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
09-02-2011 11:31:18 AM CST
WOW!!! Over 3000 Visitors!! A special Thanks to those visitng my Website!!

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
07-23-2011 7:00:33 PM CST
Mallory, Just checked my e-mail and saw the pics. Rue looks like she is very happy and adjusting well in her new home. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Also keep us updated as Rue grows and becomes a happy dog!

Mallory Silas   alnsmom@hotmail.com
07-23-2011 11:38:29 AM CST
Lynell, I just sent you a few picture of Rue, they are on my phone, they might now be great but I love her to pieces, she is so much fun and adorable, my black lab is terrified of her its the funniest thing! She is a wonderful puppy !!!

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
07-23-2011 11:15:17 AM CST
Thank you to David Silas who bought a Female Black&Tan Dapple! I called to check on her. Her name is Roux and she is doing great. Also Thank you to Brigttte Wilhite! She bought a Black & Tan Female and named her Bella. Brigette will be boarding Bella with me for a while.

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
07-12-2011 3:03:19 PM CST

Caroline's Puppies are ready for their new homes!! We will be in Hattiesburg,MS Hwy 49 Flea Mkt on 7-16 & 7-17. If you live in or near Hattiesburg you can see our Beautiful Puppies this weekend! Please contact me for more info on our Puppies: 228-209-4002

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
06-19-2011 8:13:29 PM CST

Caroline's Puppies are doing great! They are starting to walk and are developing fine. Thank you to those who have purchased a puppy! We still have five available.

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
06-02-2011 8:24:22 PM CST
She is cute isn't she!! No problem if it's o.k with your hubby & Trixie. Next Cocoa Breeding is December.

Alyssa Rogers   atreyuchick1@yahoo.com
06-02-2011 7:16:42 PM CST
Dearest Mother I'd like to put in an order for another Molly because she is cute. And Smileys are overrated :) Thank You and Good day

Lynell   mlfrankl64@cableone.net
05-31-2011 3:41:40 PM CST
Thank You!! Can you beleive 8 Pupppies on her first litter. Come on by to see them. Give me a calll.

05-31-2011 2:06:10 PM CST
Hey, Lynell. I just wanted to say congrats on a full litter of healthy puppies. So... Congradulations!

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
05-27-2011 9:24:57 PM CST
Caroline's Puppies have Arrived!!!

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
05-02-2011 8:57:38 PM CST
Caroline is doing well with her pregnancy. She is eating more and on vitamins. I have some names on my waiting list now and will contact those as soon as puppies arrive.

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
04-11-2011 8:48:54 PM CST
Todd, You are more than welcome!! I'm glad Dozer has adjusted to his new home.

04-10-2011 7:01:57 PM CST
I just bought a puppy from Lynell Franklin's litter. We are very happy with him and he is doing well. Lynell not only sold us a great puppy! She has been giving me tips on house training. He's doing great with her help, he's almost trained. And I named him Dozer. Thanks again!!

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
04-09-2011 8:20:23 PM CST
I have contacted all my puppies new owners by phone. All puppies are adjusting well and are happy in their new homes. I look forward to seeing pics. as they grow up.

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