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Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
06-21-2012 1:10:06 PM CST
Thanks Mallory! I understand about the moving fast:) After taking so many pics of pups. Thats why some are in baskets lol.

06-20-2012 6:22:18 PM CST
of course! I'll try and get one they all tent to move so fast lol but I'll get one for you!

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
06-19-2012 1:23:15 PM CST
Sounds like she thinks she has a puppy already lol.This is too cute. Could I get a pic. of this?

06-19-2012 12:02:16 PM CST
She loves it a little more then it loves her, she tries to "mommy" it she carries around and makes it lay in the her bed its funny as can be and I will for sure let you know :D

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
06-18-2012 10:45:33 PM CST
Happy Belated Birthday to Rue!! One year old, already! Born 5-26-11.I can't picture some of mine with a kitten LOL. That would be like a snack for them LOL.:) Let me know when Rue is ready for a boyfriend.:)

06-18-2012 4:42:27 PM CST

Your new baby is so cute! If she was a male I'd take her, We started thinking about maybe getting Rue a boyfriend, not 100 percent sure though! We celebrated Rue's 1rst birthday with a puppy cake and she got a new kitty friend, Rue likes the kitty more then the kitty likes her though lol

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
06-17-2012 8:07:52 AM CST
Happy Father's Day to all the Great Dads. Both people & Mini- Dachshund Dads.

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
05-18-2012 4:08:46 PM CST
Yeah!!!!! Schools finally out!!!! For students and we get out Tuesday!!!

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
05-13-2012 11:06:55 AM CST
Happy Mother's Day to All !!! To both People & Mini-Dachshund Mom's.

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
05-13-2012 11:02:35 AM CST
Leann, Glad Chanel is doing so well.:) Of course she needs a boyfriend.lol If your husband does want a boy. I do have another bloodine not related to Chanel. Or if you just want to breed her a male to breed her with. That would be Joey on my father's page.

05-13-2012 7:21:28 AM CST
Lynell, Chanel is doing wonderful! She needs a boyfriend!! My husband wants a boy wiener dog. haha

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.com
04-18-2012 4:27:29 PM CST
Mallory,Glad Rue is doing so good.:) She sounds so much like her litter mate, Kean. Who I kept. :) He does the same, he's a mess.:) They will both be one in May.

04-17-2012 9:33:56 PM CST
Just checking in :D Rue is doing wonderful, making everyone wish they had a puppy just like her. She is now my flying dog, she little runs and takes a leap of faith and jump on the sofa bed ect. I got sad earlier to think she is already almost one. I swear I could get a hold heard of them if they were all like her :D

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
04-08-2012 7:43:20 PM CST
Happy Easter to All!!

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
03-29-2012 6:11:15 PM CST
I have contacted all of Cher's puppies new owners. All seem to be adjusting well. They are happy, playing and going to pet stores with their owners.

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone
03-27-2012 3:42:49 PM CST
Leann, Chanel is a pretty girl :) I love her markings! She looks just like her Mom. Thank you, for the picture:). How is Chanel doing?

Leann Mumley   Leannhm@gmail.com
03-27-2012 11:33:12 AM CST

Chanel is now a year old!

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
03-25-2012 8:28:25 AM CST

All of Cher's went to live in their new forever homes this weekend!! Will be calling to make sure that they are all adjusting well.

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
03-23-2012 3:59:18 PM CST
All of Cher's puppies did great with their first shots! They will be going to their new homes this weekend and next week.

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
03-12-2012 4:33:17 PM CST
All of Cher's Puppies have Holding Deposits !! Thank You to those who are purchasing Puppies. =)

Lynell   Mlfranklin64@cableome.net
03-10-2012 7:11:15 PM CST
Shane, Glad you liked them.

Shane Winstead   shanewinstead@yahoo.com
03-10-2012 12:27:13 PM CST
got them they are all so cute

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
03-08-2012 6:47:44 AM CST
Cher's puppies are doing great! They are learning to walk and started on mashed Puppy Chow. I've sent updated pics to those that have deposits on their new puppies.

Lynell Franklin   mlfranklin64@cableone.net
02-24-2012 7:59:46 PM CST
Shane, Yes he is =). Will be sending more pics later as he grows.

shane   shanewinstead@yahoo.com
02-24-2012 5:31:20 PM CST
I got them he is so cute

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